13 - 20 May 2023

Techweek is Aotearoa New Zealand’s biggest tech and innovation festival that transforms businesses, educators, and our community for the digital year ahead.

Techweek is over for 2023 but will be back with an exciting line-up of tech events in 2024. 

What is Techweek?

Techweek23 is Aotearoa New Zealand’s opportunity to inspire, inform, and educate.

It’s the week you discover how New Zealand's cutting-edge tech entrepreneurs and innovators set out to make tomorrow better with incredible new technology. Featuring Tomorrow Expo, Tech23, Hackathons, Keynotes, Exclusive Speakers, and more.

Techweek is a mix of live, virtual, and hybrid events so there was something to suit everyone. Physical events were carried out in Taranaki, and right across the country, while virtual events can be attended and enjoyed from anywhere in the world.

Venture Taranaki wass proud to be the curator of the Techweek festival for the sixth year running and supported a wide range of free events – from business digitisation, the future of energy, ai and marine conservation, creating electronic music, to a careers expo event and much more...

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Watch our event 'The Taranaki Tech Ecosystem: Connecting the Dots'

Taranaki has the potential for a vibrant tech sector, but what do we need to do to bring it to life? How can we attract the best tech minds and businesses to work, live and invest in Taranaki, while also nurturing the talent that's already here and sharing our successes?

We’re proud to have brought Techweek to Taranaki for 2023 with an exciting schedule of events that showcased how our region is punching above its weight in tech innovation.

The overarching theme for 2023 was ‘Creating Tech for a Better Tomorrow’, supported by six narratives that helped the organisers shape their topics. These narratives were:

  • Becoming More Digital
  • Celebrating Tech Leaders and Tech Stories
  • Climate and Sustainable Tech
  • Diversity of Thought
  • Advancing Māori Tech
  • Inspiring Tech Careers