Venture Taranaki hosting Regional Business Partner Network Conference

This week, more than 100 delegates from around the country will be in Taranaki for the Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network conference.

The RBP Network is a nationwide programme, of which Venture Taranaki is a part of, that connects and supports New Zealand businesses with advice, resources and funding, including channelling some of the recent COVID-19 funding support.

Hosted by Venture Taranaki, the conference is an opportunity to showcase the beauty of our region as well as the abundance of entrepreneurial and innovative spirit prevalent here in Taranaki.

“Some of the delegates may have never been to Taranaki before, so we’re putting our best foot forward with regards to what we have on offer here, as well as demonstrating our famous Taranaki manaaki,” says Venture Taranaki General Manager Enterprise Michelle Jordan, who is also on the conference organising committee.

“Aside from the learning, connections and inspiration the delegates will take away from the conference, we hope that there will be 100 new advocates for Taranaki, and to have them return as visitors in the future,” says Michelle.

In addition to hosting the two-day conference at iconic Taranaki venues, TSB Bowl of Brooklands and Okurukuru Winery, the delegates will also visit various enterprises around Taranaki to see first-hand where the magic happens.

“We have so many successful and innovative enterprises, and narrowing down to just five was difficult. The ones we’ve landed on are a good mix of examples of Taranaki ingenuity, entrepreneurial savvy and creativity. The delegates will get an up-close demonstration of how we do things here,” says Michelle.

“We’ve also arranged an afternoon tea treat where delegates will get to sample a taste of Taranaki in an exposé of delicious produce from local food providers,” explains Michelle.

Fittingly, the theme of the conference is ‘re-ignite, refresh, and refocus’, after a difficult 2020 in the landscape of business and enterprise.

“We have a fabulous programme of speakers for the conference, from Callaghan Innovation, Ara Ake, Manaaki, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, and Business Mentors New Zealand – covering an array of interesting topics. ‘Lighting up the small business economy in Aotearoa’, ‘Innovation supercharged in crisis’, and ‘Supporting New Zealand businesses’ is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. We know the delegates are going to leave the conference revived and inspired,” adds Michelle.

“There is also an opportunity for the delegates to attend a session about the Industry 4.0 Demo Network, which has been developed by Beca, the Employers & Manufacturers Association (EMA) and Callaghan Innovation to help New Zealand industry, and their future workforce, learn about and adopt Industry 4.0 technologies,” states Michelle.

“The Regional Business Partner Network is a fantastic resource and support to Aotearoa New Zealand’s small-medium enterprises. The last year has seen many challenges come our way, and throughout this time, the RBP Network has collectively provided critical support and care for the backbone of New Zealand enterprise and business. We’re thrilled to have everyone in Taranaki to refocus and reconnect as we move forward,” concludes Michelle.