Avocado Overview

Avocado is a profitable, rapidly growing export-oriented industry with New Zealand the ninth largest avocado exporter yet producing just 2% of the international supply.

As global per capita avocado consumption continues to increase, fueled by positive perceptions of the trendy superfood, the currently strong demand for New Zealand-grown avocados is expected to continue. This is likely to further be aided by the industry’s focus on growth in Asian markets supported by free trade deals such as the New Zealand and South Korea free trade agreement.

As the industry looks to regional diversification to meet this demand, increasingly favourable climatic conditions, land availability and an entrepreneurial mindset means there is growing interest in expanding on the existing productive orchards in Taranaki.

Beyond the high-value fruit, opportunities will arise for support services, post-harvest infrastructure, and processing facilities for value-added products. The region is well-positioned to capitalise on this development, transferring skills and knowledge to the industry and building on the existing leadership in food and product development.

Branching Out Blueprint Avocados, the opportunity for Taranaki

This blueprint provides an overview for commercial production and processing of avocados and their value chain in Taranaki, and an indication of potential returns.

We recently talked to Matthew Hareb about the process of establishing his avocado orchard in Brixton, North Taranaki, the steps he has taken and his plans for the future.

Taranaki Avo Growers Group

We’re calling for landowners who are growing, or are seriously considering growing, avocados at commercial scale, to join our avocado growers’ group. With more than 15 other interested parties already signed up, this is an opportunity to connect and collaborate within a supported and connected environment.

We are also happy to facilitate an assessment of your site through a referral to relevant expertise. 

Accessing Avocados Branching Out Event

Venture Taranaki's Branching Out project held a community event for landowners and investors in 2021 to explore the viability of the region sustaining the avocado value chain. We invited nurseries, packhouse operators, and exporters to share their knowledge of the industry and how Taranaki may be positioned to join the avocado-producing sector of New Zealand.

Stuart Pascoe, Lynwood Avocado Nursery - registered avocado nursery, producing healthy, pest-free, disease-free, certified avocado trees.

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Jonathan Cutting, Trevalyans Pack and Cool - largest single-site avocado and kiwifruit packhouse in New Zealand

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 Henry McIntosh, Avoco - New Zealand's largest grower-led avocado exporter

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