Branching Out Blueprint Grains, Legumes and Vegetables, the opportunity for Taranaki

This blueprint provides an overview for commercial production and processing of grains, legumes, and vegetables and their value chain in Taranaki, and an indication of potential returns.

Grains, Legumes and Vegetables event

Venture Taranaki held a community event for landowners, enterprises and investors in October 2022 to explore the viability of the region sustaining the grains, legumes, and vegetables value chain.

The soils, climate and topography in Taranaki mean there are significant areas of land that are suitable for annual or perennial crop production, potentially vegetable, cereal, legume, or bioenergy crops.

Venture Taranaki’s Branching Out project, working with Nick Pyke of Leftfield Innovation (also Agmardt Chair, Pāmu Director, ex-Foundation for Arable Research CEO) have undertaken research to identify crops which could be considered for placement in a four-year crop rotation to:

  • add value and diversity to farming incomes
  • provide a sustainable system where soil quality is maintained through restorative crops, and
  • inputs are minimised along with disease and pest risks.

A preliminary market assessment indicates domestic and export opportunities for these crops. Demand is growing for local market produce, recognition of provenance, food safety and security, and plant-based food. Customer demand, product positioning, and value addition lends to the potential for premium returns. We invited researchers, landowners, and enterprises to share their knowledge of the industry and how Taranaki may be positioned to join the grains, legumes, and vegetable-producing sector of New Zealand.

Leftfield Innovation - Taranaki Farm Systems, Markets & Land Use Opportunities

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