Kiwifruit Overview

Kiwifruit is New Zealand’s highest value horticultural crop with an ambitious global sales target of $4.5 billion by 2025. As the industry looks to regional diversification to meet this demand, increasingly favourable climatic conditions, improved growing methods, land availability and an entrepreneurial mindset means the potential of kiwifruit in Taranaki is again being recognised.

Commercial plantings of Zespri™ Green kiwifruit have been established near Waitotara in South Taranaki. There is potential for more kiwifruit development in the region and with the established supply chain a short drive away, Zespri is a close and reliable customer. 

Beyond the high value fruit, opportunities will arise for support services, post-harvest infrastructure and processing facilities for value-added products. The region is well positioned to capitalise on this development, transferring skills and knowledge to the industry and building on the existing leadership in food and product development.

Branching Out Blueprint Kiwifruit, the opportunity for Taranaki

This blueprint provides an overview for commercial production and processing of kiwifruit and their value chain in Taranaki, and an indication of potential returns.

A Case for Kiwifruit Branching Out event

Venture Taranaki's Branching Out project held a community event for landowners and investors to explore the viability of the region sustaining the kiwifruit value chain. To do so, we invited orchard management teams, packhouse operators, and Zespri to share their knowledge of the industry and how Taranaki may be positioned to join the kiwifruit producing sector of New Zealand.

You can find the contact details for the organisations and their presentations below.


Tim Barrett, Farm Ventures Ltd - service our primary sector with both consultancy of operations and business performance, and property investment opportunities to adopt best practices for sustainable farming systems.

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Farm Ventures Soil Climate Assessment

Jason Gibbs, Apataa specialist service provider for New Zealand kiwifruit growers. Apata Group harvest, pack, and store fruit in industry-leading packhouses and cool stores which are strategically situated in the heart of kiwifruit country, the Bay of Plenty. They also provide growers with expert technical support on all aspects of orchard production, leasing and managing orchards.

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Tom McMarran, Zespri International Limited - the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, selling kiwifruit in more than 50 countries. Zespri work with around 2,800 New Zealand and 1,500 international growers and post-harvest companies to source the best-quality Zespri Kiwifruit to supply through distribution partners to wholesale and retail customers.

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Lorraine Mapu, ANZ - Strong demand for quality horticulture land shows there is still significant interest in the sector. ANZ are seeing lots of collaboration across the sector and many of their clients are taking the opportunity to sell off portions of land suitable for horticulture or developing it themselves as they look to diversify their farming businesses.

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