Future Foods refers to the acceleration of the region’s food businesses being market led, aligning to market trends and developing value added, contemporary products.

Dairy, sheep, beef and poultry farming and their associated product processing are our key strengths in the region. There is also an increasing number of small, agile and innovative locally-owned food production companies adding diversity to Taranaki’s food bowl in areas such as coffee, honey, craft alcohol, fresh produce, specialty chocolate, and baked goods. 

Tapuae Roa identified ‘future foods’ as a key area for regional growth. Food production could be significantly leveraged by extending Taranaki’s farm-to-plate strengths and boosting additional transformation of our commodities into branded food products. The vision being to transpose Taranaki from a ‘good food producing region’ to an entrepreneurial, vibrant, engaged fast-growing food production region, at the leading edge of innovation and food trends. 

Branching Out seeks to strengthen Taranaki's future as an emerging food basket of New Zealand.

This project encourages the region to consider diverse and complementary forms of land use, investment in innovative enterprises, and delivery consumer-focused products to market.

This initiative will investigate, explore, package, and pilot potential commercial opportunities in the region and present them as Venture Blueprints.

Taranaki Future Food Centre

To establish a specialist centre where food innovation and establishment can be encouraged, businesses can acquire product development support, clusters and coalitions can form around common goals, and global trends in food can be showcased. The Future Foods Centre would build on the foundation services already established in Taranaki to assist the food production sector, however reflects a significant step-up in support, industry engagement, clustering and emphasis on product innovation. 

Major Regional Food Opportunities

A focus on new projects and food production opportunities which could expand Taranaki’s offering. This could include e.g. experimental cultivation of new plants, crops and agricultural systems, as well as undertaking market scans and proactively identifying and acting on new priorities. 

Taranaki Food Database

The Taranaki Food Database supports the development of our region’s food sector, helping to create resilient and growing enterprises and economies by connecting and unearthing future potential opportunities.

The Taranaki Food Database is open to all enterprises along the entirety of the food value chain, including growers, processors, products, and service providers. It allows our community to create connections and networks, which help foster an environment for food entrepreneurship and innovation to flourish.

Farm Futures Acceleration

A programme of knowledge and technology transfer linked to the broader Future Foods initiative that focuses on improved productivity and profitability as well as investigating and expanding into new ventures. There is an opportunity to harness the energies and interests of landowners and those within the farming sector of Taranaki wishing to learn, trial and showcase new farming ventures and systems, extending and building on Taranaki’s primary sector strengths and value chain opportunities. 

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