Back our local businesses, and our economy.

Get behind the Go Local, Go Taranaki movement and put your wallet where your home is. Let's use our collective purchasing power to make a difference. When you shop local, you support Taranaki and help our businesses and our recovery.

Now more than ever, it’s important that we think local first, to ensure we support our Taranaki businesses and the people they employ. Together we can help them weather the storm and to rebuild and 'recover to better' on the other side.

Look out for businesses displaying the Go Local badge across their website, social media channels and store fronts and shop with confidence knowing that every dollar spent at a local Taranaki business, stays in Taranaki and continues to help local business and the economy thrive.

Let's come together and show our love for Taranaki and our local businesses

Go Local

The Go Local campaign is all about supporting our region's enterprises and products as we look beyond the impacts of COVID-19. 

Go Local Toolkit

Download logos and graphics to use in your marketing and business to help get people going local. 

We thought we’d show you how we go local, by asking our littlest team members how they’ve been getting behind the campaign and what go local means to them.

Here’s what they had to say

Social Procurement Report

Social Procurement