Business support services are available to all businesses in Taranaki, including those involved in food production. 

Any business either looking to enter, or already operating in, the food sector can tap into Venture Taranaki's business services including free business start-up clinics, general business support, access to an experienced business mentor, capability development voucher funding for eligible businesses to grow management and governance skillsets, research and development assistance, and a range of regional intelligence products. 

The following initiatives are specific to the Food Production Industry in Taranaki: 

The Future of Food and Beverage Events in Taranaki report

As part of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, government allocated a Regional Events Fund to Regional Tourism Organisations to support events and encourage intra-regional travel. Venture Taranaki identified a number of areas within the events sector to support with this fund with the development of events in the food sector being one of these areas. An external consultant was utilised to facilitate a discussion amongst key stakeholders in both the food and events space resulting in the development of the Taranaki Food + Drink Report with findings, recommendations, and an action plan.

In addition, a sector-led Culinary Advisory Group has been established in Taranaki to work together to plan and deliver food focussed events around the region.


The future of Food and Beverage Events in Taranaki
Industry promotion

Publications such as Taranaki on a Plate tell Taranaki’s ‘story’ of food production and its companies, including detailed provision of detailed statistical information. 

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Taranaki Food Network

An active Taranaki Food Network facilitated by Venture Taranaki build relationships and collaborative initiatives between Taranaki companies on common goals and projects. 

Sub sector groups, such as Taranaki’s honey companies, also connect at times to focus on specific issues and areas of interest.

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Trade Shows

A regional booth for Taranaki food companies at NZ’s major food exhibitions, such as the Auckland Food Show, to ensure the nation 'gets a taste' of Taranaki. 

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Research & Market Intelligence

Venture Taranaki’s partnership with Massey University provides Taranaki companies with help and guidance for developing new food products or food ventures, including easy access to Massey University’s Palmerston North-based Food Pilot Plant, the resources of the New Zealand Food Innovation Network and portals to national funding specific to the food production and processing sector. 

Massey Partnership

Taranaki Food Database

The Taranaki Food Database supports the development of our region’s food sector, helping to create resilient and growing enterprises and economies by connecting and unearthing future potential opportunities.

The Taranaki Food Database is open to all enterprises along the entirety of the food value chain, including growers, processors, products, and service providers. It allows our community to create connections and networks, which help foster an environment for food entrepreneurship and innovation to flourish.

Research Reports

One of our core activities is investigating market opportunities and sector investment opportunities, as well as growth prospects such as horticulture and farm improvements.

Venture Taranaki works with groups and initiatives focusing on rural land use, development and farming best practice and sustainability though groups such as Taranaki Catchment Communities, and special projects such as Branching Out.

Our library of published reports includes a wide variety of market intelligence.

Branching Out

Branching Out is a two-year initiative to encourages the region to consider diverse and complementary forms of land use, investment in innovative enterprises, and deliver consumer-focused value-added products to market.

This initiative will investigate, explore, package, and pilot potential commercial opportunities in the region and present them as Venture Blueprints.

Grow your business

Being in business is tough.  Practical advice and support can go a long way to sustain your success. Whatever sector, size or stage your business is at, Venture Taranaki’s team of Enterprise Advisors are here to help.

Our team meets with local enterprise owners every day to talk about their needs and the tools available to support them.  We have access to knowledge, networks, coaching, funding and mentoring to support you and your next step for your enterprise.

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Anzco Foods Case Study

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