Export Taranaki is a Venture Taranaki initiative, aimed at better understanding our region's export landscape and then helping those businesses sell more on the global stage. 

Each year Venture Taranaki undertakes an in-depth study into the region's exporters and those thinking about exporting.  This first ever central repository of information and analysis on Taranaki’s export sector captures a wide range of data on our region’s export activities, including who’s exporting, where to, distribution channels used, and where there are opportunities to collaborate and grow. 

The study identified several areas in which local businesses which like to receive help to grow their export endeavours. The Export Taranaki programme, made up of various support services, will directly address the challenges that businesses have identified.  

Venture Taranaki will be working alongside our partners and other business improvement agencies nationally and internationally, to work collaboratively in developing a tailored approach to supporting Taranaki’s export sector.

Export Taranaki Summary Reports

Taranaki Export Summary 2021

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