Port Taranaki is open for business. It’s time to cruise into Taranaki, a unique addition to your cruise itinerary.

Port Taranaki is the only deep water sea port on the west coast of New Zealand and can serve as your first port of call on arrival or last port of call connecting direct to Australia.

Committed to cruise excellence

Port Taranaki gives its commitment to making berth space available to fit your cruise itinerary and provides a gateway to the sunniest region in New Zealand.

Within the Blyde Whalf exists a 300m berth and draft of 12.50m to cater for the majority of cruise ships touring New Zealand waters.

Port Taranaki provides whalf facilities designed with safety in mind. A securely fenced barrier guides passengers off the ship to outside of the Port area. Shuttle buses are also able to collect passengers at the bottom of the gangway.

Information staff are available on site, to come on board, or be present at the bottom of the gangway to greet departing passengers and provide advice and answer queries.

Foreign speaking cruise vessels are also catered for via translated promotional brochures about the region. Information staff with the ability to translate can also be made available.

Port Taranaki appreciates that all cruise ships have unique passenger and crew requirements and a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager is available to ensure each experience is catered for, specific to each ship. Full customs services operate at Port Taranaki to cater for first port of call cruises.

Taranaki is set to experience a thriving summer of cruise ship arrivals, with seven vessels scheduled to arrive at Port Taranaki.



Cruise Brand

Cruise Company


Scheduled Arrival


Holland America


1972 pax

17 December 2023

Queen Elizabeth



2092 pax

28 December 2023

Seabourn Odyssey



458 pax

24 January 2024

Island Princess



2214 pax

7 February 2024

Seabourn Sojourn



450 pax

15 February 2024

Silver Shadow


Royal Caribbean

382 pax

19 February 2024

Hanseatic Spirit



230 pax

7 March 2024

Port Taranaki coordinates

39°03.5’S, 174°002’E

Nautical Miles from Port Taranaki

1,255 To Brisbane

1,153 To Sydney

577 To Tauranga

135 To Auckland

172 To Wellington

148 To Nelson

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