Venture Taranaki announce New Zealand Offshore Wind Forum

Venture Taranaki, together with sponsors Ara Ake and WITT, is presenting a New Zealand Offshore Wind Forum this December.

Consisting of a pre-cursor online webinar and an in-person event, the forum will bring together speakers and perspectives from the New Zealand energy sector, government, and the international stage. 
The need for the event was evident after Venture Taranaki released a discussion paper earlier in the year, highlighting offshore wind as an important energy opportunity for the region.  
“The discussion paper resulted in a large volume of interest, locally and internationally so we are thrilled to be able to present this event. Offshore wind generation is a technology already in effect internationally but hasn’t been fully explored in a New Zealand context,” says Venture Taranaki Chief Executive Justine Gilliland.
The forum will investigate further all the aspects of offshore wind energy in Aotearoa and Taranaki. A key focus will be on the current and future New Zealand energy market, Taranaki’s infrastructure and capabilities, what the global landscape looks like for offshore wind, and include the New Zealand and Australian regulatory environment. 

“The Offshore Wind Forum is an opportunity for Taranaki and New Zealand to showcase our national renewable energy resource, learn from the rest of the world, share world class knowledge, and engage in thought provoking conversations about the role of off-shore wind in the transition to a low emissions future,” says Ara Ake Chief Executive Dr Cristiano Marantes.
The webinar and event aim to also give international interested parties the information they need to decide if they would consider investing in the New Zealand market.
 “Offshore wind energy is a proven technology being developed and harnessed internationally. This is a considerable resource and if fully developed, could provide sufficient, sustainable energy for New Zealand to meet its projected needs for the next three decades, or support an energy export industry,” continues Justine. 
Many elements need to be considered before any developments can occur. The discussion paper and now the forum are steps forward in supporting the Energy Pathway Action Plan for Taranaki’s 2050 Roadmap. 
“WITT is moving steadily into the renewable energy space, preparing Taranaki to become the centre of New Zealand’s vocational education for engineering and energy. Supporting the Offshore Wind Forum makes sense to us; not only does it spark conversation and innovation in the energy space, it means we’re able to work closely with Venture Taranaki and Are Ake toward the objectives of Taranaki’s 2050 Roadmap and New Zealand’s net zero emissions target,” adds Kyle Hall, Director of WITT’s School of Engineering, Energy & Infrastructure – NZIHT

“There is a real opportunity to grow offshore wind as a renewable energy resource that could provide large quantities of low-emissions energy while using many of the complementary skills and resources in Taranaki that service the existing energy sector in New Zealand,” Justine says.
The New Zealand Offshore Wind Forum will take place on Wednesday 9 December 2020 at The Plymouth Hotel, New Plymouth New Zealand.