Venture Taranaki launch Investment Prospectus

Venture Taranaki launches regional Investment Prospectus, profiling Taranaki as prime place to invest

Venture Taranaki has launched a regional Investment Prospectus, presenting a compelling case for why Taranaki is a high-quality investment location, raising our region’s profile as a great place to invest.
Taranaki is open for business. New initiatives are already underway, and investment from both local and central government has injected vitality into the region’s long-term vision through a number of key projects, including Ara Ake – New Zealand’s national new energy development centre, Project Maunga – the Taranaki Base Hospital upgrade, and development of the Taranaki Crossing, to name a few.
The Investment Prospectus highlights and profiles the region’s vision and the opportunities on offer, with the objective of encouraging investment into Taranaki. Highlights include the region’s leadership of the nation’s transition towards a low-emissions economy, the strategic vision for the region, the endemic spirit of pragmatic innovation, and enviable lifestyle.
Primarily an online resource, the Investment Prospectus will be updated and adapted as new information becomes available. It is supplemented with a printed summary to support engagement with potential investors.
“The Investment Prospectus is an important initiative, recognised as a critical success factor for Taranaki within Tapuae Roa and furthers the vision of the community through Taranaki 2050. The purpose of the prospectus is to encourage greater awareness of investment opportunities and seed increased investment in the region,” Venture Taranaki CE Justine Gilliland explains.
Included in the Investment Prospectus are 12 case studies, showcasing examples of Taranaki success stories, which capture some of the innovators, investors, and the interesting ways in which the region’s enterprises are already leveraging investment.
“Taranaki has long been a vital contributor to New Zealand’s economic wellbeing, forged on a buoyant food industry and a prosperous energy and production sector, and the region is well positioned to make a swift and inclusive recovery from the economic effects of COVID-19. Welcoming investment into our region will help Taranaki continue to thrive and prosper, particularly with our strong foundations in engineering and manufacturing,” Gilliland continues.
“The soon to be released regional recovery plan will map the way for Taranaki’s acceleration into the future, with a focus on fostering transformative and impact investment into our region.”
“The launch of the Investment Prospectus ties in nicely with the recent employment of our Investment Advisor. Stephanie Laird joined the team during lockdown and will be primarily responsible for channelling investment into the region, along with assisting local enterprise to become investment-ready.”
Stephanie is enthusiastic about the role at Venture Taranaki, saying “there is an exciting future ahead for the region and I look forward to being a part of it”.
Find our more about Investment  or contact  Advisor Stephanie Laird.