Taranaki has a world-class pedigree of manufacturing and engineering that prospective investors can tap into and leverage. 

Taranaki’s engineering talent is well placed to support the emergent post-pandemic manufacturing sector. 

Underpinned by innovation, entrepreneurship and exceptional standards honed in its food and energy sectors, Taranaki engineers have tackled some of the world’s most logistically and technically challenging projects. Accommodation modules for international offshore oil and gas facilities, pressure vessels and complex piping systems, and the design and construction of an all-glass underwater restaurant for an island resort have all originated in Taranaki. Several manufacturing plants for the food, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors have also been developed. 

Taranaki’s food manufacturing sector accounts for nearly 5% of GDP, and is already supporting the region’s economic recovery process. There is huge potential to further leverage the strength of Taranaki’s food sector to make value-add products. 

With Taranaki leading New Zealand’s shift to a low-emissions economy, and being in a strong position within the food sector and food production, there is opportunity for investment in manufacturing and engineering enterprise to support high-value food and beverage products and new energy initiatives across hydrogen, wind, biofuel, solar and other renewables. Furthermore, the infrastructure and support expertise exists to help deliver projects of all scales. 

Opportunities in the Manufacturing and Engineering Sector

Engineering and design consultancy: Supporting established and emerging enterprises and projects. 
Marine services: Leveraging the deep-water knowledge, port and west coast location. 
Industrial production: Developing and deploying the systems and support to enable other projects to succeed. 
Food and beverage manufacturing: Advanced production facilities and services. 
Health and safety: Taranaki is renowned for its strong Health, Safety and Environment track record.

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