Enterprises and entrepreneurs thrive here - take a look at our Business, Export, Invest, and Innovate Story.

Enterprising Opportunity

New Zealand’s rising regional business star

Successful enterprises and entrepreneurs have always found a home in Taranaki. From the creation of New Zealand dairy exports to the evolving mix of sectors invigorating the region’s growth today. An increasingly dynamic place to do business. Things are humming here, literally.

We’re very enterprise friendly

With both eyes on the future, we’re wrapping practical support around our businesspeople, entrepreneurs and investors. Helping bring their ideas to life, locally, nationally, and overseas. All the elements are here. A supportive regulatory environment. Good online access. Future-focused infrastructure (including a new airport and highway upgrades). A highly skilled workforce. Population base. And our unique mountain to surf lifestyle.

Transforming to a sustainable future

At the cutting edge of energy, engineering and food for decades, we’re putting our expertise, fresh thinking and can-do attitude into creating the prosperous, diverse and sustainable future we all need.

We’re leading the transformation of New Zealand’s low-emissions future, including game changing work with hydrogen fuel. Setting the international benchmark for stainless-steel fabrication. Home to a thriving boutique food and beverage sector - native superfoods, world-beating cheeses, export croissants and premium gin are just a few examples. We’re exporting value-added timber products. And we’re the base for an increasing number of successful software companies, run by young entrepreneurs who find inspiration biking to work on our coastal walkways. The list goes on…

Innovation is embedded here, driving success

It’s something we’ve never been short of. Be it an online business revolutionising legal work, rethinking tender processing, making skin health-checks accessible from home, leading-edge child obesity research, or locally produced coffee making it big in London. We offer the right launchpad to make things happen. The balance of urban hubs alongside our beautiful landscape also provides vital breathing space for innovative ideas to flourish. Some say we have our Maunga to thank, as we draw inspiration from his presence, and mauri or spirit.

Taranaki’s transforming export sector is flourishing

We've always been an export hub and the range of products we send around the world just keeps growing. Consistent across all segments is smart innovation, tailored solutions and high-quality products. We’re also friendly, efficient and easy to work with. That matters for clients anywhere.

A winning combination from Aotearoa’s leading edge.

Put it all together and Taranaki’s the ideal place to invest, innovate, prototype and prosper. If you’re looking to the future, we’d love you to do business here too.

Taranaki. An Enterprising Future Like No Other.