We’re New Zealand’s home of energy - take a look at our Energy Story.  

Our energy, our future

We’re New Zealand’s home of energy

For more than 100 years, Taranaki has been the home of energy in Aotearoa, leading the way in energy innovation and production. We supply 100% of New Zealand’s natural gas supply to homes and industries right across the country, keeping the lights on and your feet warm even in the coldest of winters. You could say, we’re energy experts - from traditional energy production, natural gas, and methanol production, to low-emissions energy tech, hydrogen, and wind. We’re leading the way in energy production – and looking for unique and innovative ways to support New Zealand’s transition to a low-emissions future.

Leading the way in low-emissions energy

Our topography and geology allow for a plentiful supply of natural gas, and through exploration and production, and a North Island-wide distribution system, we’ve been able to supply a steady flow of energy across Aotearoa while significantly reducing emissions from traditional energy sources such as coal.

We continue to look to the future as we transition to a low carbon emissions future and net-zero. We’re working collaboratively with industry, local government, community, business and education to build a roadmap to 2050. We’re future-proofing our environment for generations to come and have been busy trialing, testing, and developing solutions to solve the energy challenges of tomorrow, today, with some of the smartest minds in the industry.

We’re building a diversified energy landscape, investigating and investing in innovative energy solutions to support Aotearoa for years to come, and leveraging our existing assets and infrastructure to think big – like exploring if we can use our existing gas network to distribute hydrogen.

Everything you need – right here

As the home of energy in Aotearoa, Taranaki is humming with the skills and expertise of generations of industry experience. As an established energy hub, we attract the best minds in the business, from engineering, to geology, procurement, to electrical and supersmart IT. We’ve been building our knowledge and expertise for over a decade, as well as providing tertiary education and industry training through our institute of technology, WITT, and specialty learning and development and certification providers like Wood Group. 

Your ideas, passion and drive for a low-emissions energy future will find a home in Taranaki. Our local environment fosters and supports excellence and innovation in energy and we’re also home to Ara Ake, the nation’s New Energy Development Centre.

The energy industry in Taranaki provides thousands of well-paying jobs across a variety of specialties and is home to many talented and expert service providers who have enabled the industry to grow and innovate through their partnership and support.

Community spirit

We’re passionate about supporting and enriching Taranaki and the people that make up our unique and diverse communities. We’re partnering with schools, businesses and community groups to deliver education, support cultural experiences and events and to encourage health and wellbeing right around Taranaki Maunga

Taranaki. Energy Like No Other.

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