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PowerUp Kickstart

Kickstart your business and accelerate your learning

PowerUp Kickstart, delivered in partnership with SODA Inc., takes you through an 8-week Co.Starters programme, where you’ll gain the tools and expertise to build and grow your business or progress your innovative idea. You’ll then be set to continue your journey and develop your pitch for the opportunity to be a top five finalist and the chance to take home $10,000 cash to PowerUp your idea or start-up.


If you’re a Taranaki entrepreneur looking to kickstart your entrepreneurial idea, then apply to enter the PowerUp Kickstart Co.Starters programme where you will:
  • Find out more about the tools available to help you become smarter entrepreneurs
  • Have access to a framework and expertise that will help you build and grow your business or develop your innovative idea
  • Gain a wider network of contacts such as investors, advisors, and other entrepreneurs
  • Have access to a team of relevant experts
  • Get support to develop your business pitch to apply for the next on-ramp and the chance to win $10,000 to take your idea, start-up or enterprise to the next level

It’s FREE! It will only cost you your time and commitment. 


Key dates:

Applications will open 1 December 2021 and will close 25 January 2022.
Successful participants will be notified by 2 February 2022. 


Terms and conditions apply.