Branching Out seeks to strengthen Taranaki's future as an emerging food basket of New Zealand.

This project encourages the region to consider diverse and complementary forms of land use, investment in innovative enterprises, and delivery consumer-focused products to market. Project success will result in added wealth to Taranaki’s economy and help our existing food and fibre sector become more resilient, innovative and in-demand. 

This two-year initiative will investigate, explore, package, and pilot potential commercial opportunities in the region and present them as Venture Blueprints. 

These Venture Blueprints will pursue high innovation, high growth and strong market potential. They will also serve as an informative and inspirational roadmap to kick-start complementary farm-based activities and associated value chain enterprises in our region. 

Branching Out hopes to expand on the success of Taranaki’s renowned primary dairy and farming production. Using structured exploration of new crops, innovative processes, and emerging market opportunities, Branching Out hopes to unlock future value from our existing natural resources, skills, knowledge, and infrastructure.

Led by Venture Taranaki, Branching Out seeks to unite the regional expertise of Taranaki landowners, farmers, food manufacturers, marketers, and investors with the innovative, future focussed thinking of Massey University and the Crown Research Institutes.  

Thinking differently about our region’s land use, accelerating ideation and collaborating with different experts may lead to real and practical outcomes across the entire value chain. 

The project is funded by Taranaki’s three district councils - New Plymouth District Council, South Taranaki District Council and Stratford District Council - and the Ministry of Primary Industries’ Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures fund (SFFF). Significant in-kind support is provided by Venture Taranaki, Massey University, New Zealand’s Crown Research Institutes, and enterprises involved in Taranaki’s primary sector and food and fibre industry. 

Branching out aligns strongly with Taranaki’s regional economic development strategy Tapuae Roa, as well as the region’s long-term vision for a low-emissions economy: the Taranaki 2050 Roadmap. 

Land Use Register 

The Branching Out project is looking to connect with landowners who may be considering alternative uses for their land. By adding your details to this register we can: 

  • Link you with other like-minded landowners and potential growing clusters. 
  • Understand the amount of land potentially available across our region. 
  • Invite growing groups (like Zespri) to the region to promote growing opportunities in new sectors.
  • Keep you in the loop to present opportunities to diversify into other, complementary land uses based on geographical location or land suitability.  

Taranaki Land and Climate Assessment

Venture Taranaki has released an assessment by Plant & Food Research on Taranaki’s land and climate, which provides an overview of our region’s growing capability, and the opportunity to help meet long-term goals of building diversity, value, sustainability, and market and supply-chain resilience.

 A key finding of the released Taranaki Land and Climate Assessment is that there are around 207,000 hectares of land potentially suitable for generic horticulture within the boundaries of the Taranaki Regional Council.

The eight mainstream crops covered in the assessment include apples, kiwifruit, avocados, blueberries, hops, hemp and CBD cannabis, hazelnuts and walnuts, potatoes, and wine grapes.

Taranaki Land and Climate Assessment
Providing Land Owners with a Down to Earth View of our Region's Growing Capability
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Branching Out

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