Government made available $400 million as part of the Tourism Recovery Package, which has included Tourism Transitions programme, a Strategic Tourism Assets Protection Programme (STAPP) and the formation of a Tourism Futures Taskforce.

As part of the Governments COVID-19 recovery plan, Venture Taranaki was awarded $700,000 as part of the STAPP plan and we are working towards some key strategic goals to ensure we have a robust, future ready tourism sector over the coming months.

Venture Taranaki has used this funding over three key pillars which include, a Destination Management and Planning, Industry Capability Building and Product Development and a Domestic Marketing strategy.

Design Thinking Process

This will allow us to re-look at our tourism strengths for the region and ensure we are able to offer excellent visitor experiences that future visitors are looking for when planning their next trip.

Venture Taranaki have engaged with consultants, We Create Futures, to deliver a suite of services which will allow us to develop a range of tourism programmes.

Industry Capability and Product Development

  • Digital Operator Competency workshops – Venture Taranaki partnered with Miles Partnership to deliver a Google DMO workshop for local businesses. This received great feedback from attendees on the night and has provided valuable insights into the range of tools available to promote businesses, free of charge, using google. 
  • Sustainability – business capability building. As part of the funding Venture Taranaki will seek to engage with a sustainability consultancy to review the processes of five local enterprises. This will allow for an in-depth understanding of the process and allow us to use this information to enable the region to be confident in making their business more sustainable in a streamlined process. 
  • Te Ao Māori /Cultural Competency workshops – to ensure businesses understand our heritage, culture, and Maori language, we will undertake workshops to upskill in this area.

 Drive Journeys

  • Coastal Arts Trail – in collaboration with Whanganui & Partners and CEDA. We have developed an Arts focused drive journey that links all three regions to encourage visitors from Wellington and beyond. This will include the development of the brand, webpage, logo, maps, and way-finder signage. 
  • West Coast Drive Journey – in collaboration with Hamilton & Waikato, we are working to identify common themes across both regions which will encourage out-of-region visitors. This will include a feasibility study, journey development, brand development, and collateral of the journey. 
  • Central Drive Journey – in collaboration with Ruapehu and Whanganui, this drive journey will include co-ordination of trail links and information gathered from Whanganui, Taumaranui, Forgotten World Highway, Stratford, New Plymouth and Hāwera
  • Product Development and Cluster Experiences – once we have completed our Design Thinking Project, several product-development and cluster experiences will be actioned.

Domestic Marketing

  • Taranaki Regional Promotion – campaigns aligned to Taranaki COVID-19 ‘Return to Better’ tactical plan. This will include promotional activity to support the events sector and ensure attendance to events is positive. 
  • Regional Signage is increased – identify priority areas for regional signage 
  • Develop new imagery and digital footage for local operators.

Designing the visitor futures of Taranaki

A report prepared by We Create Futures to assist the Taranaki region to question, explore and create change in the tourism sector.

Design the visitor futures of Taranaki