Let's come together and show our love for Taranaki and our local businesses

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Venture Taranaki created and implemented the ‘go local’ campaign in 2020 during the first COVID-19 lockdown, to encourage our community to keep their wallet in their backyard and spend locally.

The ‘go local’ message has been pushed heavily over the past two years but our recent business survey showed that business confidence is down in Taranaki and local businesses are still feeling the pinch of the tail-end of COVID-19 lockdowns, rising cost of living and inflation, so the ‘go local’ message is still very important, and as relevant as ever.

Going local with your dollar has a direct positive impact on our people, businesses, and the wider community. Local stores employ local people, who spend money shopping locally, which helps create a thriving economy for all.

Be in to win

We recognise that many people and businesses are doing it tough right now but everyone needs to eat, so ‘going local’ with your grocery shop is an easy way to support our local economy. You can ‘go local’ and support our Taranaki food producers by ‘Swapping your shop’ for Taranaki-made products. You might be surprised at how many locally made food products are available in the supermarket, and in Taranaki.

That’s why we’ve partnered with More FM Taranaki to highlight just how many food producers Taranaki has, with our on-air ‘Crack the Cart’ competition, and we’re now giving you the chance to win all 36 products on our Venture Taranaki Facebook page. 

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We thought we’d show you how we go local, by asking our littlest team members how they’ve been getting behind the campaign and what go local means to them.

Here’s what they had to say

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