If you’re looking to grow your business through innovation or research and development (R&D), a Venture Taranaki Business Advisor is your first step.

Venture Taranaki partners with Callaghan Innovation, a government agency supporting innovative New Zealand businesses, to co-fund and improve R&D activity in Taranaki. 
Whatever your innovation challenge, a Venture Taranaki Business Advisor can point you in the right direction. 

Hear from some of our students and organisations that were involved in the R&D Experience programme.

R&D Experience Grants are back for 2022

Venture Taranaki, in partnership with Callaghan Innovation, are pleased to announce that R&D Experience Grants are back for 2022.

The R&D Experience Grant is an internship designed to provide work experience during the summer break, to bring on board a University student to help with your R&D activity. Applications will be opening 15 August and close 30 September 2022 (or earlier if funding is allocated).

This is a great opportunity for students to inject fresh ideas into your R&D plans, as well as provide your business with an extra resource to move your plans forward faster.

The grant will be awarded on a first-come-first-served basis for businesses that meet the criteria, so we recommend you apply early for the best chance to receive the grant.  For further information, check out the Callaghan Innovation website, which includes FAQs and the eligibility criteria.

If you want to apply or have any questions please contact either Nick Field [email protected] or Zara Ryan [email protected] 

Key points about the 2022 R&D Experience Grants: 
  • The grant provides $9,460 (plus GST) for 400 hours of full-time work per student ($23.65 per hour)
  • Applications are open for seven weeks only (unless the allocation of funding is approved before then)
  • Your business must have a R&D programme and the student is expected to help you with a R&D related project or activity
  • The undergraduate or postgraduate University student must be studying science, technology, engineering or design at a New Zealand tertiary education institute
  • Recruiting a student can happen after you hear back about your application
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Callaghan Innovation Partnership

Our partnership with Callaghan Innovation currently offers a range of grants for eligible R&D activities that meet qualifying criteria. Your R&D project can cover a new and novel product or service development, investigate process improvements, solve problems in an innovative manner or undertake a technical feasibility study. Co-funding of up to 40% is available and can be awarded to a range of companies, from early stage to mature, and across a broad range of sectors.

Visit the Callaghan Innovation website to find out more about the variety of project grants, student grants and innovation programmes that are available, along with the eligibility criteria.  

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Callaghan grants and funding are not issued retrospectively, so if you are considering an R&D project, get in touch with Venture Taranaki at the outset. 

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