Taranaki Rural Energy Project

As a joint initiative between Venture Taranaki, Taranaki Regional Council, Taranaki Catchment Communities, and Federated Farmers, we are embarking on a journey to help Taranaki’s rural sector address energy efficiency, energy security, and on-farm carbon emissions.

The project comprises a farmer-led approach to solutions around:

  • Supply resilience
  • Energy efficient end uses
  • Opportunities for renewable energy supplies – including on-farm generation
  • Environmental impacts

Why it is needed

Farmers are keen to advance low emission energy options for their farms, but to capture these gains, they need help to:

  • Understand how they can improve low-emission productivity
  • Know the best, safe low-emission investment options
  • Reduce early adopter financial risks
  • Improve regional energy resilience on farms

Programme Focus Areas

Education - Close the information gaps that farmers currently face and support the rollout of cost-effective, technically feasible, and readily available solutions.

Energy Data - Work with partners to develop data systems which enable farmers to make the required energy-related investment decisions to support the project goals

On-farm energy generation and renewables - Identify resource capacities (eg., river flows) and feasible technologies and develop regulatory frameworks to support:

  • On-farm renewable generation opportunities; and
  • Regional commercialisation of renewable options (eg., biofuels)


Low-emissions vehicles - Collaboration with partners to trial “proof of concept” and support commercialisation of emerging low-emission transport technologies

Infrastructure - Work with energy infrastructure companies and the Taranaki rural community to increase supply resilience and support transitions to new energy technologies

Communications - Communications and stakeholder engagement to support project rollout

Progress to date

The group secured funding through AGMARDT to undertake a pilot trial in farmer education and advice for energy efficiency.

  • Visits/audits of five Taranaki farms were undertaken, to assess energy use and provide tools and resources to help reduce emissions and improve energy resilience.
  • Learnings from the above are being used as a foundation for establishing a farm energy adviser role, which could serve as a blueprint for similar programmes throughout NZ.
  • Future plans also include the possibility of farm visits, events and information sharing on rural energy, supporting initiatives within the programme focus areas.

Contact us if you want to get involved

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