Unique, diverse, and stunningly beautiful - take a look at our Environmental Story.

We Are The Kaitiaki Of This Land

We’re reimagining our environmental future

At our heart, spiritually and geographically, stands our ancestral maunga, providing inspiration for the ground swell of work that’s well underway to preserve and enhance it, the surrounding landscapes, and waterways. It’s all part of our plan to protect and maintain this uniquely biodiverse region for generations to come.

Thinking big and bold

Taranaki has been a vital contributor to New Zealand’s economy, forged on a buoyant food industry and a prosperous energy sector. Both have taken us to the world, and our natural resources have played a critical role in these successes. 

We’re now looking to the future, taking what we have learnt, and reimagining the legacy we want to leave. We’re thinking big and bold when it comes to caring for our whenua and the role our natural resources will play in the years ahead. We’re committed to protecting and enhancing our environment, through new energy development and research - we’re home to Ara Ake, New Zealand’s new energy centre. We have a plan to reduce our waste - our largest centre, New Plymouth, has committed to become waste free by 2040.

We are the kaitiaki of this land

We take our responsibilities of protecting our native wildlife and plants seriously, we’re all working together, iwi, youth, business and local government to become the first predator-free province in New Zealand by 2050 - no easy feat. Project Mounga is restoring the very life force of our maunga and national park, and is pushing the boundaries in landscape-scale, ecological restoration, leading the way for others around the country. We’re also home to the world’s second Green School where education meets environment to build the minds of tomorrow.

So many innovative projects …

From the testing and trialing of new energy applications that support our collective vision to move to a low-emissions future, to the research and development of native dying techniques to reduce environmental impacts on waterways. The dedication towards innovative and environmentally conscious initiatives can be found around the most unlikely of corners. Even out at sea. Project Reef Life has been investigating the rocky reef environments off the Pātea coastline for the last few years. Engaging the local community, including students from Pātea Area School and Hāwera High School, the project is working to share knowledge on the stunning life that exists in their local marine environment.

Taranaki. An Environmental Future Like No Other.