Are you looking to future proof your business and gain a practical understanding of the actions that can be taken to reduce your business’ emissions?

Reducing your emissions means your enterprise can save money through cost savings from efficient use of energy and resources. You’ll also be keeping one step ahead of sustainability and procurement requirements, and provides a platform for improved brand reputation, product value and talent attraction. Also, as an added bonus it’s kinder to the planet!

If you’re a senior decision maker or over-see financial operations in a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), this programme is for you. 

Your footprint, your future: Emissions reduction for business

Is delivered in partnership with Sustainable Business Network (SBN), and will take your business through six hands-on workshops, from May to October 2022, enterprises that attend these workshops will leave with:

  • Step-by-step tools and support to measure your carbon footprint for a full year using an emissions calculator.
  • A practical understanding of the actions that can be taken to reduce emissions, including expert advice on setting targets and measuring your footprint ongoing. 
  • A tailored action plan, containing simple steps to reduce emissions using the Climate Action Toolbox.
  • Support to develop detailed plans for priority actions and implementation actions, with some quick wins established during the programme.
  • Access to resources, templates, and guidance on how to build confidence and create change in your organisation.
  • Opportunity to build relationships and networks with other local enterprises in the programme.

The first workshop starts on Wednesday 4 May 2022 and will be delivered over six sessions:


Date and Time


Learn Lab 1: Introduction

Wed 4 May, 5pm – 7pm 


Share Lab 1: Community of practice

Tues 31 May, 5pm -6.30pm


Learn Lab 2: Measuring your footprint

Tues 14 June, 5pm -7pm 


Share Lab 2: Community of practice

Tues 16 August, 5pm - 6.30pm


Learn Lab 3: Tailored topic

Tues 13 Sept, 5pm – 7pm


Progress: Wrap-up

Tues 18 October, 5pm – 7pm


The programme is a mix of in-person and online sessions that will be facilitated by SBN. Participants can share experiences, learn from others, while receiving expert advice through the duration of the programme.

Participants with similar context and goals will be able to collaborate, under the guidance of the facilitators, and refine their action plan for their business.

This programme is valued at $2500, but is currently being offered to Taranaki businesses by Venture Taranaki free of charge, to ensure our businesses are able to access the cost benefits, and sales and recruitment opportunities, afforded by staying ahead of the curve on climate action.

The programme is predominantly delivered online, to allow the flexibility for participants to be based anywhere in Taranaki. Spaces are limited and attendance at each session is compulsory to ensure participants and businesses gain the best results from the programme.  

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